Deck Inspection Brisbane

Deck Inspection Brisbane

Is Your Outdoor Entertaining Area Summer Ready?

The silly season is approaching us fast! With less than 10 weeks until Christmas there has never been a more important time to ensure your outdoor entertainment area is sturdy. It’s time to book a deck inspection in Brisbane to assess the safety of your balcony or deck! Decks and verandas need annual inspections to maintain their safety and prolong their lifetime.   

When you book a building inspection in Brisbane with ASAP Inspections, we don’t just check the main house. We also inspect additional structures and extensions, such as sheds, verandas and any renovations to ensure there are no major defects! Guaranteed if you employ ASAP Inspections to conduct a balcony or deck inspection in Brisbane we’ll specifically check your outdoor entertainment area for the following:

  • Timber Fungal Decay

Did you know particular types of timber are prone to fungal decay and degradation? To grow, wood fungi require oxygen, water, the timber (food source), and humid conditions, all of which are present in Queensland summer. ASAP Inspection will ensure your wooden outdoor structures are free from timber fungal!

  • Timber Post Rot

If you have a wooden deck, it’s important to ensure the timber posts holding the structure up are sound and rot free. At ASAP Inspections we’ll make sure the timber holding your structure off the ground is rot free, so you can be sure your family and friends are safe.

  • Rust check

Even if your outdoor structure is wooden, chances are there are metal screws, nails, and brackets holding it in place. Any metal in an outside environment suffers a rust risk. At ASAP Inspections, you can guarantee we’ll check all your outdoor entertainment areas for any potentially rusting metal fixing that could negatively impact structure.

  • Stability of Handrails

If you’re planning on entertaining this summer, you’ll want to ensure all hand railing around your balcony is secure. Don’t risk any accidents caused by unstable railings this summer, ASAP Inspections will examine every part of the deck, including all railings, to help minimise the risk of accidents.


Get organised before the summer festivities begin. Check your outdoor entertainment area is ready for the summer holidays and book a deck inspection in Brisbane today. Contact ASAP Inspections and book your building and pest inspections now!

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