Repair and Replacement

Beautifying Your Home

Town and Country Blinds don’t only sell products but also takes care of its repair and replacement. When you buy our product and services, we offer you the benefit of repairs and replacement from our company.

Over time of 10 years or more, your blinds or awnings might lose its efficiency or there might come a situation when you just want to replace the existing roller shutters with a new set. Whatever it is, our experts are well-trained in repairing techniques of blinds, shutters, awnings and other window furnishings.

We offer regular maintenance services for your blinds and awnings; some of the typical repair services involve:

  • Re-stringing
  • Loop cords
  • Cord guides
  • Replacement of clutch control units and cord locks
  • Replacement of tilt mechanism, wide cotton tapes, damaged slats, tape barrels, braided ladders, or broken wood wands

We can be your long-term partner in maintaining and repairing blinds, shutters, awnings and our different window furnishings.

Give us a call to see what you can save and to get great new services and solutions.