Plantation Shutters Brisbane

Plantation shutters are an ideal protective option in Australian climate. These are designed keeping the warm climates in the Australian regions into consideration. They offer amazing light and airflow control all day through its easy-to-access blades. Being permanent fixtures, they add to the beauty of your house increasing its value.

At Town and Country Blinds, we offer plantation shutters in Brisbane and other surrounding areas to ensure you stay safe, cool and protected in summers.

Benefits of installing interior plantation shutters

If you are living in areas of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Melbourne, plantation shutters can bring you amazing benefits such as:

  • Design versatility: Suits both contemporary and traditional decor
  • No pulleys or cords: it is a simple clean frame
  • Easy maintenance: Can be simply dusted to clean
  • Ideal for privacy: You can see out but a person can’t peep in
  • Not size bound: Suits any shape/size of window
  • No restricted airflow: Allows regular airflow all around the room
  • Affordable: Easily affordable to install and design

Selected range design options we provide for plantation shutters

Woodlore: Our Woodlore Shutters offer a genuine look with the durable composite wood and strong poly coating. You can choose from the crisp palette of colours.

Woodbury: It is ideal for the windows facing direct sunlight for its UV-inhibiting characteristics. The Woodbury plantation shutters are lightweight, attractive and durable. We also offer its waterproof counterpart.

Normandy: It provides the natural warmth and pleasing textures of Phoenix wood. These are the finest residential timber shutters appropriate for every kind of windows.

Sussex: It showcases the hardwood features and great craftsmanship with a fine furniture quality. We offer it in 34 stain and 18 solid colours.

Aluminium: It is perfect for both outdoor and interior environments. It is available in two ranges – standard residential aluminium shutters and commercial grade aluminium shutters.

You can have a look at the samples of plantation shutters at Town and Country Blinds. Make an appointment today!