Folding Doors Brisbane

Lotus folding doors are concertina in design allowing you to close off and area of your home or office neatly and efficiently, with no bottom rail needed.

These doors are to made to measure and able to stack back out of the way.

These doors are suitable for closing off spaces like laundries or seperating rooms and are an excellent way of closing off less used spaces for better air conditioning control.

On installing our folding doors in your residential or commercial property, you get complete benefits of reduced energy bills as they shut down the less used areas. To ensure strength, flexibility and durability, we use reinforced strong vinyl panels. You can either install doors with magnetic latch or a key locked door.

Specialty of our Lotus folding doors in Brisbane

  • Made to measure
  • Translucent windows in white doors available
  • Choice of vinyl colour
  • Stack to one side or bi parting
  • Timberline finishes available
  • Key locks if needed