Security Brisbane Doors & Grilles

Want to install security doors and grilles in your Brisbane home or office? Town and Country Blinds is your trusted partner for the purpose. We offer an array of custom made, expertly-designed security doors and grilles for commercial and residential properties.

We install these manufactured doors and grills to the existing frames without any hassle and fuss. Our range of security doors come in sliding and hinged designs with a motive to suit every home. Are you in a mood to install traditional Federation or Colonial style? If so, how about opting for a door with designer inserts or other decorative features?

At Town and Country Blinds, we offer you an ideal choice for adding charm and character to your home with the best quality security doors – geometric designs and bold colours to give an aesthetic appeal that doesn’t clash with the exterior of your home. For increased security, you can have our specialised security doors with triple lock system to protect you from break-ins.

More about our Security doors and grilles

Another way to improve your home security without affecting its style is installing window grilles. We have an affordable range of safety window grilles to offer you, letting you choose from the dozens of available styles to suit every window, regardless of its shape and size. While preventing break-ins and intruders, the security grilles also allow cool breeze in, on warmer summer nights.

Discover the perfect look of your home with our security doors and grilles. The grilles designed with durability and strength ensures a higher level of safety and privacy.

Don’t wait anymore; stay protected in your space with the highest level security from Town and Country Blinds.