prowler proof

Prowler Proof Brisbane

Prowler Proof is an Australian made & owned brand with using only the best materials. These security doors and window grilles come in 7mm diamond welded, Protec, Forcefield and insect screen types.

They are made to measure, professionally installed and come with a 10 year warranty.

Security is a high priority for most of us these days. Being able to know your safe in your own home and that your loved ones and possessions are protected while still letting in light & air.

Why Prowler Proof?

What makes Prowler Proof a trusted and reliable product at an cost-effective price is based on two facts – it is Australia’s first and only welded security screen & the only fully automated security screen till date. Luckily, we provide this highly effective product delivered right at your doorstep taking care of the installation procedure as well.

Prowler Proof security screens are designed in a fully hi-tech environment and are stronger than the old-fashioned security screens even though they cost almost the same. Our product has passed every test successfully and you can find the test results online.

Our welded security screen proven stronger!

A weld is always stronger than assembled parts (joined). The peculiar difference between Prowler Proof and other varieties of security screens is its totally welded frame. It even looks better than screws and rivets.

Its seamless corners

The seamless corners of Prowler Proof give it a great appearance looking like a single piece. There is no risk of corrosion by the interacting metals.

Benefits of installing Prowler Proof in Brisbane

Protection against burglars

The benefits of Prowler Proof are beyond standards. It meets and sometimes even exceeds relevant Australian Standards. The test involves burglar attacks using a screw driver, knife, cutting pliers or kicking. Nothing can let them break in when you have Prowler Proof security screens installed in your home.


The product has been tested against every risk you can have in your home even cyclones. Just imagine being hit by a 4kg timber block coming at a speed above 100kmph. Prowler Proof has passed this test successfully!

Saltwater, sun and fire

You can be rest assured from the harmful outside elements like sun, fire and water with Prowler Proof. The product has survived a salt spray test of 1000hours with not a single sign of corrosion. It has been approved for bushfire prone buildings and also fights back the harmful UV rays from the sun.