Polycarbonate awnings

Awnings are essential in homes for various reasons – protection against, rain, sun and storm or just in case you want to add better look to your home. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to miss the natural light entering your house which makes polycarbonate awnings a better option in homes. From the clear, tinted or translucent panels, you can choose the beast appealing look for your home.

Why Polycarbonate awnings?

  • Lets in light and keeps out heat
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • Available in 5 modern colours
  • 200 times tougher than glass
  • Variety of shapes available
  • Suitable for windows / door coverings or as a patio cover
  • Frames powder coated
  • Sturdy 38 x 25mm support arms
  • Cost effective alternative to glass
  • Available in 8mm Twinwalled polycarbonate
  • Fascia or wall fit

Types of Polycarbonate Awnings
Polycarbonate Hood Awnings
Offering 99.9% UV protection, our lightweight and strong polycarbonate awning hoods are considered a perfect solution installed as protection over doors, window or small decks. It is the perfect type you can use to block harmful UV radiations, rain by allowing natural light in.
Polycarbonate Privacy Screens
Available in various colours tints, this type of polycarbonate awnings is best used as privacy screen and a protecting shield against excess heat and radiations. We design custom made privacy screens to fit in your space well.
Polycarbonate Re-roofing
Do you want to update your carport, patio, sunroom, verandah, pool area or skylight? Our experts at Town and Country Blinds know the skills of re-roofing with polycarbonate awnings. High quality polycarbonate is used in the process to ensure total protection from hail and wind.
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